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Sein myanmar


Importing & Distributing of Paints related chemical things,  Trading of home decoration materials lubricant .


We started with passion and Established in 1997 as SEIN MYANMAR. In spite of some struggles, our hardworking can fill market needs since we can provide customer satisfaction with quality products.  The business became enlarged and the name is changed to SEIN MYANMAR Paint Trading co.,ltd in 2011.

Line of business

- importing & Distributing of Paints related chemical things, 

- Trading of home decoration materials 

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Product lines 

Our own products are 

- Noble Thinner 

-Noble AAA Thinner 

- Noble Mineral Turpentine 

- Noble Varnish 

- Noble Polish 

- Xylophone Thinner 

- Xylophone Mineral Turpentine 

- Xylophone Enamel Paints

- Plaster Cornice 

We distribute 


- Engine Oil , Hydraulic, Gear Oil , Base Oil , Rubber Process Oil 

- Industrial White Spirit , Methanol 

- Automobile Spray Paint (such as SIKKEN & Co Rock , Water Pipe Accessories, Home Building Materials , Household Materials, Painting Accessories, Decoration Materials


Since 1997


 free delivery  

We do Free delivery nearby. We Transport via terminal for other cities.

Fast delivery always 

Our Delivery is fast and reliable

full responsibility

We Take Responsibility for product Error

Only high quality products

We sell only high-quality products.


We provide the best quality products at a fair price

We prioritize our customers’ satisfaction

We take full responsibility for our products

One-stop solution for Painting and house-building material

To maximize our business as well as our customers aiming to create more job opportunities

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"SMP RESIDENCE" No-40/ 166st street/ Tarmwe, Yangon.

Ph - 019555627, 019555060, 019555494, 019555029
No. (14, 15, 17, 18), Min Nandanar Road, Dawbon Township, Yangon.
Ph - 01 9553463 , 01 9555049, 019555730 , 09 73112285

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